Monday, May 5, 2014

Twists and Turns: Short Stories About Strange Situations [Kindle Edition] Stephen Altrogge

""This collection of stories is entitled Twists and Turns: Short Stories About Strange Situations. These short stories are not Christian stories. In fact, they don’t even deal with Christian themes. Rather, these are short stories about strange situations, the kind of strange situations only my strange brain could come up with. What sorts of strange situations?
- The Marlboro Man gets a modern, updated image makeover.
- The real story of what happened to Edmund Pevensie.
- The woman who discovered that you can’t recall a hitman.
- The kid with the unstoppable karate move…which turned out not to be unstoppable.
- Martin Luther King Jr.’s other dream.
- And many more.
The book officially releases on Friday, May 9th.""
This is the first time that I have reviewed a Kindle release book written by a friend of a friend. I have read many of his devotional blogs and find them thought provoking and I am curious to get his other Kindle releases and check them out as they are Christian in topic. So when the chance came to read his newest, albeit fictional, release; I thought:  "Why not :)".  Given that I read books and give reviews on them, I figured I could help out here. Maybe encourage a few to check his stuff out.
As his descriptions states, these are short stories about strange situations. I enjoyed a few of them. I found the stories about subjects I could relate to, like Edmund Pevensie's story and the unstoppable karate move, amusing. I think The Poker Game was my favorite. About halfway through the story I figured out who the characters were and just started chuckling and looked forward to reading the outcome. Some, most of the sports based ones, I found a little dull. But I don't get sports, so that is on me. He definitely has a unique sense of humor and puts a twist on stories that I would never think of. 
To be honest, there were a few that made no sense to me whatsoever but I am sure others would enjoy them. This book has a good mix of stories for all reading tastes. I recieved this book from Stephen Altrogge for my unbiased review. Check out his devotionals here:

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