Friday, May 27, 2011


Since April 9th I kept trying the baking soda wash and apple cider vinegar rinse. I tried different concentrations trying to get the waxiness out of my hair. I failed. Most of my hair felt clean and looked clean but next to my scalp it still felt waxy. Moving on to try something new.
I wanted to get something that is low on the toxic scale according to the Environmental Working Group. Check them out on  Trying to stick with something on the 0 to 4 scale it seems limited. I can't find many of the products excepts online and most of them cost $6 or more. I will not justify spending that much on shampoo. So I am trying Garnier Fructis Pure Clean. They claim to be silicone free, sulfate free, and paraben free.
So what are these bad things you ask?  Long story short....silicones coat your hair to make it slippery, basically a lubricant that keeps out moisture but it doesn't keep any in either. Sulfates are harsh detergents that "clean" your hair of dirt and oils, including your hairs own natural oil and moisture so it dries out the hair too. Parabens are preservatives. They have salts(drying) and contain esters which many people thing add estrogen to the body and cause breast cancer. No link has been found but why take the chance, right?
It is not on the EWG website yet so I am not sure of it's "toxicity" but I am using it anyway. First impressions: love the smell, lid is a pain to open, and is cheap(less than $4 a bottle). So far I like it. My hair feels really clean even when I go to wash it the next day.
A little thing about my is oily(old age stinks) and the more I washed it with the other shampoos the oilier it seemed to get hence my "no poo" trial. I have to wash it everyday regardless of what I use. It is not as oily as it was prior to the "no poo" method and seems even less so with the Garnier Fructis Pure Clean.
When I say it feels clean even when I wash it the next day you probably thought then why are you washing it? Well I can chalk it up to paranoia. I am afraid that if I don't wash it then when I go somewhere that day I will look in a mirror and think oh no it's greasy. I will try to skip days but probably not until the fall or winter when I won't be sweating as much. Yes I am a lady and I sweat....buckets.
Also when I say it feels clean it's not a slippery slick feeling. It the feeling of a freshly washed plate under running water. It squeaks. Nice and clean. I do use the Pure Clean conditioner too but just a dime size on the ends. It doesn't make it feel slickery (I like that nonexistent word ) but soft and clean. Yes squeaky clean.
One other thing....I have been using this for about 3 weeks now and it hasn't gotten "old". You know how when you try a new poo it makes your hair pretty and silky and cooperative for the first 3 to 7 days and then blah. Well this has remained consistently the same the whole time. Another plus.
Well that's it for now. My next goal is to try a new recipe for lotions and lip balms. Oh and I made my self a mother's ring this morning in 15 minutes. And I didn't have to spend $60 or more for it. Check it out. TTFN (ta ta for now). How much did I spend? Maybe $5.
Ok for some reason the pic is not loading. i will try later today.

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