Monday, May 2, 2011

sick again...........

So, not much has been going on the last couple of weeks. I am reading two books to be reviewed when I am done. Those will be posted later. Megan is sick again. The third time for antibiotics in as many months. This time I also have to put eye drops in her infected eye. Which is real fun. No amount of bribes, threats or coercions work. If the neighbor's hear us screaming...well, no one has called children and youth services so far.
How do you convince a hard headed child that it would be quicker and done and over with if she didn't fight it? Her dad and I had to pin her down and pry open her eye and practically shove the eye dropper in between the eyelids just to get a drop in. And we have to do this every 4 hours? Not to mention I'll be on my own when he is at work. Good Grief!
I have been babysitting a little girl during the week so her mom can earn extra money to pay her bills. I can understand what that's like. She is on her own in this so I want to help her as much as I can. But when Meg is sick I worry that the little girl will get sick and pass it to her brother who goes to school with Meg. In all likelihood he already has whatever sickness anyway since it seems to be bred there.
I have been thinking about selling my beaded jewelry and will try to find time to check out the appropriate sites. To see if it's worth doing. I have also been thinking about making homemade detergent this month. My friend from "Near Miscellany" does and said it's very economical and not heavily scented with perfumes and chemicals. She suggested making my own soap too but after looking at a few sites I think that may be a little ambitious. You have to use lye and be VERY careful. Who knows I may get brave later this summer.
Well my child is moaning for me to come and attend to her so I must go. Ta Ta For Now.

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