Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Posting on Etsy


Well I just finished putting my jewelry on Etsy and I have to say; listing all those pieces was tedious. I sure hope they sell. Or at least a few of them to compensate for the listing fee and time I put into listing them. I had a hard time coming up with the prices for each item. I wanted to be fair to myself and any potential buyers.

Then there was posting clear and accurate pictures. I realized, as I went to download the photos, that I had plenty of group photos of my stuff and not individual shots. My camera was only somewhat cooperative. The sun and shadows through the windows weren't helping either. Inside lighting was iffy.

I started yesterday afternoon and finished this morning. They will be posted for 4 months, so at least I won't have to do that over again for awhile. I will be sure to only list a few pieces at a time from now on. That way it's not brain overload trying to come up with clever titles and descriptions. I definitely flaked at the end and went with simple descriptions.

It's funny how you forget how to spell a word that you have spelled 20 times in the last hour. Your fingers sit above the keyboard awaiting the brain's instructions, which finger needs to type which letter first and you blank. I was wishing I had voice activated technology but the with as noisy as Megan gets sometimes I can only guess at what would be typed.....Silver mommy can  pink I get earrings milk. These are can I crystal go round outside beads....Yeah, it wouldn't be pretty.

As I looked at the recent postings in the jewelry section, it was mind boggling to see 10 to 20 new items pop up every 3 seconds. There are so many talented people out there, all posting similar items, hoping that theirs will be the one to sell. As I went through the listing, my last item posted was about 8 pages back. I had only put it on 15 minutes prior to getting on that page. Wow.

So I now place it in God's capable hands and will not fret about whether I sell or not. God will provide, He always has and always will. I am just thankful that I can do what I love and if God allows me to make money doing it, then I will be even more grateful to His wonderful grace.

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