Thursday, August 4, 2011

making jewelry and other such fun

I have been kind of in a funk when it comes to making jewelry lately. One day I'll make a few pieces, then nothing for a couple of weeks. The only thing I have been trying to participate in is my facebook group's weekly challenges. The group is called CCC group: (color combo challenge)

It actually helps because it will make me think of color combos that I would not have tried otherwise. I have a lot of fun doing this. It is very humbling and inspiring to see the others post their creations. It is a very talented group of people.

I have been so busy this summer with visiting my family, going to see an old friend in West Virginia with a couple of other old friends, and camping at Raystown Lake with my family(much fun there). My oldest daughter is going to college this fall and I am excited and nervous for her.

I have come to realize that I probably should get a job to help out with finances or at least to support my jewelry habit. Meg will be going to Headstart this fall again so I hope to find a job that will let me work only the hours she is in school, so that I do not have to pay for daycare. *fingers crossed*

I made a few pieces of jewelry for my friends. I made a mother's ring and a beautiful stone ring and now I must get started on a bracelet. Well, I guess that is about all for this summer. I am trying to finish a book for review, so I will post that when it is done.  Look for more posted pictures of my CCC challenge pieces and  for the jewelry I made for my friends down at the bottom of my blog page.

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