Saturday, April 9, 2011

Well after trying natural stuff for 8 days I have to say I am not totally impressed.
The deodorant works fine as long as I am not sweating, then it gets a bad odor like cat urine. GROSS! And since summer is coming and I am wanting to walk for exercise, I will be sweating more. So I am back to my avon and suave for now.
The lotion/lip balm bar still smells wonderful to me but it is sticky and greasy at the same time. As a lip balm that's not a big deal but I leave greasy prints everywhere when I have it on my hands. Plus it doesn't keep them moist. But I will use it for lip balm.
The baking soda shampoo and apple cider rinse stuff is doing good for my hair so I may keep that up for now. Plus it is so cheap. I guess I will try other options soon for lotion and deodorant.
I finally got the pics for the jewelry I made. Check them out. Well that's all for now.

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